Monster Party all day Hosted by StuddaBudda

1pm - gate opens and first 50 patrons goody boxes are given out

2pm - Monster Trivia Contest..
3pm - Zombie Walk contest- show us your best zombie walk
impression- open to all, you don't need to be in costume to

4pm - Scream Contest- bring those lungs out for a fan fave contest

5pm- Thriller Dance Party Contest ! - That's right it is exactly what it says so bring your best Michael Jackson moves for a chance for awesome prizes!

Even More.. Monster Fashion Show/Costume Contest

5:20pm - Monster Fashion Show featuring the living art
of Ana Iaccarino also featuring makeup by 2nd Skin

6pm - Announcement of the winners of the kids area coloring
contest hosted by the folks from SoonerCon

6:10p - KIDS COSTUME CONTEST (age 12 and under)

7pm - ADULT(teens included) COSTUME contest ( 13 and up)

8pm - Carnival Epsilon Sideshow

9pm- show closes with our many thanks and ode to our fans and sponsors

Panels March 4th 2017

Ashley Shadowheart

2:15pm - Cosplay Costuming Panel hosted by Ashley Shadowheart
This will take place in the small middle panel/ Dr. Who room 

4:15pm - Women's Writer Panel hosted by Ashley Shadowheart
- Takes place in small panel room

Sideshow Time March 4th at 8pm

Carnival Epsilon combines suspense and daring with bits of magic and mirth to create their horrifyingly hilarious and nation...ally traveled steampunk sideshow.

It's an unforgettable show where tongues take on mousetraps, chainsaws tear through apples, machetes mimic staircases, lightbulbs become lunch, and much more!

Along with their classic sideshow, they also present the classic western medicine show, and have the their own version of the original form of the sideshow, the dime museum.