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Steves Toy Base is the greatest toy store ever... with GI JOE , STAR TREK , STAR WARS , TRANSFORMERS , MODELS , MOVIE ITEMS , LEGO'S , BATTLESTAR , HEMAN , TURTLES , LOTR , MONSTERS , BARBIES , LOOSE TOYS , AND PARTS , Model kits , Marvel , DC , TAKARA, Ban Dai, Robotech,Monster Toys, Dragon Ball Z ,Slot Cars, Ghost Busters, Batman, Superman, Lord of the Rings , Simpson's, Spiderman, ETC.......4028 NW 10th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73107

Hours Wed - Sat:1:00 pm-5:00 pm ,THE STORE 405-601-4480 E-mail [email protected]

Bad Grannies Bazaar is a great store located inside the Historic Plaza District in Oklahoma City. We have a great selection of vendors selling vintage, retro, modern hip, and other curious goods .
Tue - Wed: 11:30 am - 7:00 pm
Thu - Sat: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm
405 528 4585

Dig it Okc ... We are a store in located in historic Plaza District OKC at 1739 NW 16th St, A clothing and accesories store specializing in vintage/retro/unique modern wear and more! with Comic's,Dvd,Records and lots of great Artwork.... [email protected]​ also a great place to buy your Undergound monster Carnival Tickets

Owner FX master Gary Berger Graphic Design, Illustration, Corporate Identities, Web Graphics , maker of the monster logo and more for info [email protected]

We are an online Newspaper that covers Geek Society and Pop Culture.

Editor "Will Harrison" known for covering many entertainment events and gatherings all over Oklahoma and surrounding areas. Also a comic fan and film enthusiest he enjoys covering these topics on The OKC Edge. For more information contact Will at [email protected]