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Art Sunday

Owner and Host of Underground monster Carnival.

"After Doing  the Underground horror fest and horror filmfest in Tulsa Okla.. I wanted to do a event not only about horror but Also about Fans and what fans love from Anime, steampunk ,Cosplay, Sci-fi, fantasy, Horror also local Art ,Writers, and Monsters so underground Monster carnival was born." 

Underground Monster carnival is at the Oklahoma city state fairgrounds the first Saturday of March.. with

Costume contest for kids and adults

Monster fashion show




handcrafted vendors

Toys and comic vendors

local haunted house vendors and Fan club groups vendors

Artist, writers, Fx Artist and film makers and prop vendors

Guests (local and up and coming)

Frequently asked questions

1.Can I bring a camera and photograph Stuff?
Yes! bring your camera, there will be lots of things going on that make for great photos. As far as taking photos or appearing in photos with one of the Guest or vendors, well that is up to each individual person that you ask.  Asking first is the key, if a guest  or vendor says no or just one or two pictures then please respect that.

2.Can I leave and return to the event later in the day?

Yes - you will be issued with a coloured wristband that you must wear at all times in order to regain access to the event.

3.How do I buy things at the convention? Do the Dealers only take cash, or can I pay with a Credit Card?
• That depends on the vendor! All of them take cash, some are set up to take Credit Cards. Be sure to ask what forms of payment they accept before agreeing to any purchases.

4.I want to set up a table and sell at the show, who do I contact?
• just go to vendor info at the top of the page and fill out the vendor app.

5.Is there parking in the area and how much is it?
• There’s a lot! at the fairgrounds, but when there is 2000 people coming to a show.. you may have to walk, but not to far, but there is parking.  As for how much the best part...Free
6.Are fans allowed to wear costumes at the Convention?
• Allowed? Actually, they're encouraged!! We have a HUGE costume contest for adults, as well as a kids costume contest . Wearing costumes at a convention is what it's all about!

7.Are bags and backpacks permitted into the show?
• Yes they are. We do ask that you use common sense when toting them around, as some backpacks are large, bulky and unwieldy and can block aisles or knock into things when you turn around.
• Also, bags may be subject to search, so be sure you don’t have anything in there that you shouldn’t!

8.I want to bring my Child or Younger Sibling- Are their CHILD TICKETS available for the event? 
 . Kids 3 and under are FREE if accompanied by a paid adult. All Children 4 to 11 are only 7 dollars. All kids must be supervised by this accompanied adult at all times, as neither underground monster carnival nor the oklahoma state fairgrounds can be held responsible.

9.Anything Else?

.Yes –be share to invite your friends.. because they will hate you for not telling them and I don't what that to happen...also have fun, dress up and let out your inner monster.. thank you Art Sunday.